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About CCR

In 1985, the International Exposition of Science and Technology (Expo '85) was held in here at Tsukuba City where science and technology coexists with the natural environment. University of Tsukuba has established as the comprehensive university in 1973, but it has a long and distinguished history more than 130 years. It is located at the center of Tsukuba Science City, which is one of the world’s leading intellectual centers. Approximately 300 of research institutes, laboratories and private research laboratories are located in Tsukuba City, which include a half of national research institutes.

Organization Centered by CCR

In this FIRST program, we collaborate and cooperate with several departments in the University of Tsukuba such as ILC (Tsukuba Industrial Liaison and Cooperative Research Center), CREIL (Tsukuba Critical Path Research and Education Integrated Leading Center), Cybernics Research Laboratory, Innovation Center as well as Osaka University (Neurosurgery and Robotics) and CYBERDYNE Inc to accomplish our mission and to create a Long-Lived Healthy Society.

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About CCR