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This research center where professor Yoshiyuki SANKAI is a principal investigator, will promote the World’s leading technology in a field of human-assistive technology. Our research will utilize Cybernics to support the Long-Lived and healthy society for all human. Cybernics, established by professor SANKAI, is a new scientific field where is fused and mixed with neuroscience, motor-physiology, robot engineering, information technology and tissue engineering. This technology is sensing accurately potential signals while moving human body, making machine move a little earlier than human muscle. HAL was realized by it to support, strengthen, and enhance human actions.

This technology can help realizing the dream of the disabled on wheelchairs and the aged that they could stand on their own feet again, and alleviating the heavy labor of the nursing care. Like this, HAL can be applied to various fields and developing this technology would contribute greatly to the future society.

HAL having already had world famous achievement and advancement, the system of the relationship among industry, academia and government for applying HAL was constructed. This program aims further to realize truly seamless connection between human body and artificial materials through the interface by bionic measurements / assistive technology, robot and information technology based on neuroscience and physiology.

Here, we placed the Long-Lived and healthy society as the independent super aged model society. This program will surely return the research outcome to our society and challenge to make it more safe and reliable.

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