It is our great honor to announce that we are holding International Forum on Cybernics 2013 (IFC2013) on 23rd of March 2013.

In the previous international forum we held on 8-9 March 2011, we received approximately 1,000 participants in two days which shows how the human assistive technology became popular and so many people are interested in “Cybernics” - world leading human assistive technology. We introduced our research project and activities mainly to the public and discussed on technical and social issues through lectures and panel discussions.

Toward the completion of our research project in March 2014, on IFC2013, we will narrow focus and share the knowledge and technical information and what it brings to the future, among worldwide scientists, experts in robotics, medicine, nursing and rehabilitations.

The lectures will be about [Recent Challenges of Medical Cybernics]. Domestic in the morning and Worldwide in the afternoon. At the end of the day, we will have a panel discussion to connect each ideas then will have demonstration afterwards. We also have poster session while coffee break.

We are confident that IFC2013 will strongly accelerate to promote our research project toward the completion of the FIRST program.

This form is open to the general but researchers, specialists, business persons related to that area would be suitable.
*Schedule might be changed without notice.

The Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST) was established by the Cabinet office of Japan for the purpose of advancing cutting-edge research projects in a strategic and comprehensive manner. Our research project was adopted by FIRST and Center for Cybernics (CCR) was established within University of Tsukuba. Professor Yoshiyuki SANKAI, director and the principal investigator of CCR and his team are now working to improve our daily lives to realize the Long-Lived and Healthy Society by “Cybernics” technology.
“Cybernics” is World-Leading Human Assistive Technology which is pioneered by Professor Sankai. CCR promotes research and development by using Cybernics technology. ROBOT SUIT HAL / Hybrid Assistive Limb to support, enhance and strengthen the limb motion, VITAL SENSING to monitor and support the physiological status, and SECURITY & SUPPORT system to enhance the lifestyle of human, especially the elderly. By promoting this world top technology, CCR aims to be the first to create vibrant society with long and healthy lives where the elderly and the physically-challenged spend their daily life securely, safely and independently.
23 March, 2013

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Researchers and specialists in robotics, medicine, nursing and rehabilitations




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